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Peripera Airy Ink Velvet #1 Sold-Out Red + #4 Beautiful Coral Pink Review & Swatches


Today’s post is on a brand I’ve never reviewed before, Peripera, and their most famous famous product: the Ink Velvet lip tints!

Peripera was a relatively small K-Beauty brand that gained popularity upon collaborating with artist Mari Kim, who had reached international recognition through her work with K-Pop girl group 2NE1.

They’ve since updated their brand concept, and a lot of their products focus around the now-widely recognized “ink dropper” packaging. To be honest, the packaging never really appealed to me, so it took me forever to make a purchase until I saw how their products were constantly being raved about!

#4 Beautiful Coral Pink (미모열일)

The lip tints come in 3 formulas – Ink the Airy Velvet, Peri’s Ink the Chokchok (moist), and Peri’s Ink Original. The Airy version is supposed to have a powdery, smoothing effect for your lips, different from a regular lip tint that sinks into your skin, leaving a stain. As I’ve said before, people like me with super dry lips don’t do well with regular watery lip tints, so I was curious to see how the formula of the Airy formula would perform on me.

Gradient lip

When worn as a light layer, the formula is very comfortable and doesn’t cling to my lip patches at all! It can feel a little drying over time, but applying a simple lip gloss or lip balm on top solves that problem.


Multiple layers

Applied thickly as a full lip it also performs well! It can feel a little slippery, but because of the staining properties it doesn’t become uneven or patchy despite this. The more you apply the more moisturizing it feels, and the texture covers your dry patches instead of accentuating them.

As for the colour, I’m not sure why it’s called a “Coral” pink. I find it to be a regular (but very pretty), warm-toned bright pink without any hint of coral, even when applied in a thin layer as you can see in the gradient lip photo. The Korean name translates to “Hardworking Beauty”.

#1 Sold-Out Red (품절대란)

Like the name suggests, #1 is one of their most popular colours! I really wanted to get one of the tints in the Christmas packaging, so settled with this one.  The Korean name for this colour translates to “Sold-Out Chaos”.

I don’t know how much longer this limited edition line will be sold, but if you can get your hands on one I totally recommend it! They come in 4 shades, and each shade has this little snow globe on top with a different character inside that floats around in a cloud of glitter when you shake it, just like a real snow globe!

The applicator for both the LE packaging and regular packaging is the same. It’s quite long and thin, allowing for precise application – something that’s necessary with these because they’re VERY pigmented!!

Multiple layers

This is a VERY bright, pinky red! It can have the tendency to slide around a bit like the other one, but because of how bright it is it might look a little patchy if you’re not careful. Blotting your lips after application, or applying a thin layer solves this issue.

I’ve been really into wearing glossy lips lately, so I did a blurry lip (I’m going to do a post on this new K-Beauty trend soon!) with some lip gloss on top. Sheering out the red really brings out the pinky tones!

#1 / #4

Despite being such an opaque, comfortable formula, at the end of the day they’re still lip tints, and so when applied heavily near the lip line do experience some bleeding. If you apply them to the center of your lip and work the colour outwards towards your lip line you can avoid this completely.

The red stains much deeper, and the pink applies more sheer and so stains less. Either way, both of these products are incredibly long-lasting!

•○ Final Thoughts ○•

These are by far the most comfortable tints I’ve ever used! They’re pigmented, long lasting, and don’t break the bank. The packaging is sturdy, easy to use, and although it might not be my style, I know many people find it very cute!


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